3 Reasons Why Solar Panels Can Benefit Your Life

3 Reasons Why Solar Panels Can Benefit Your Life

Solar panels are certainly a common household topic, but what's holding back individuals and businesses from leaving the grid?

For years, the concept of solar energy has dazzled the masses with its appeal towards the environment as well as wallets, but for many people (myself included), the process of acquiring solar panels still seems to be just a far off fantasy. Solar power is one of the most plentiful and least taxing energy sources that we can currently access. I mean after all, the sun in our solar system puts out 384.6 septillion watts (3.846×1026 W) of energy every second, according to scientific sources. It makes sense that a fair amount of that power can be harnessed and converted into electricity, rather than relying on decades old power stations that can be damaging to the environment.

There are, however, factors that deter solar panel purchases, such as time and cost associated. But I want to take some time to share the reasons why solar panels can actually benefit your life, how the barrier of entry to this alternative-energy source isn't as high as it may seem, and how you can get started with solar panel ownership, today.!

1. Solar panels reduce your electric bill

This is typically the most popular value point when people consider switching to solar power. But just how much saving is there, really? There are several factors that go into calculating solar savings, but on average, a single family home in the US can see anywhere from $10,000 - $20,000 saved per twenty year time frame. Of course, take into account how the pricing of electric can vary in the future- solar energy won't fluctuate in cost. You will however, need to keep in mind climate change and global warming that could effect amount of sunlight in your area. For a more in-depth review of how much solar can save you, plus state average information, check out this article.

There is of course, an up front cost with installing solar technology into your home or business, for which I recommend a company like Iowa Solar- you can fill out the form on their website and get a free quote on how much it would cost to install. Keep in mind that companies like this are solar energy pros and will handle all of the installation and maintenance for you, which brings me to our next point..

2. Solar panel installation isn't as painful as you may think

Solar panel systems are evolving, as well as the companies that provide them. Today, you can get solar panels installed and maintenanced by service workers for costs that end up paying themselves off with the amount you're saving in electrical expenses. Residential solar panels especially (for your home), can be set up and optimized quickly, turning your home into a renewable energy hub in a relatively short period of time.

Depending on where you live, solar power companies might just be a stone's throw away. For example, as of 2020 the top solar states are California, Texas, North Carolina, and Arizona. That doesn't mean however, that you can't get solar installations elsewhere! Iowa Solar (mentioned earlier), following the spirit of its name, is carving a significant footprint in the Iowa/Illinois areas, and there are others around the US that can offer the same. My best advice is to do a search for the companies around that offer solar, and choose the one that gives you the most value.

3. Environmental benefits of solar panels

There is also an obvious environmental benefit to using solar panels, as much of their early publicity came from eco-conservative groups. It's true though, that solar power can offset the negative carbon footprints of production facilities that use coal and other fossil fuels. More so, electrical plants around the world require their own power, which can cause harmful emissions to the atmosphere. With solar panels, these facilities that spew greenhouse gases will be less needed and thus, our planet won't be at as much of a risk.

Not to mention, there is a certain amount of personal satisfaction and merit that comes with reducing your carbon footprint, and that in itself might be enough to sway people in the direction of housing a solar energy system. For others yet, it's just a cool thing to have in your home- feels like Star Wars!

EXTRA: US tax benefits of solar panels?!

It makes sense that, like other forms of investments in the US, there are associated tax credits that come with owning solar panels. For example, the investment tax credit (ITC), allows you to deduct 26 percent of the cost of installing a solar energy system from your federal taxes. Hooray for home owners! That said, it is possible for solar companies to claim this tax benefit on their behalf (if they are listed as the owners of the solar system). For this, best practice is to chat with your solar provider and let them know what your financial goals are, with owning a clean energy system.

Solar panel technology is only going to get better in the coming years- cheaper, better output, and larger scale availability. Adding solar power to your home or business is a great way to establish energy independence, and earn you merit (as well as cost savings and tax credits, over time). Solar companies are just a Google search away, but if you're in the Iowa/Illinois area, I suggest Iowa Solar- their co-founder has been in the solar energy business since the Carter administration and they offer full stack solar support. You can get a free quote on how much it would cost to add solar to your home, on their website.

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