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If you’ve ever wanted to listen to random radio stations from around the world, now you can..

Radio is a dying form of broadcasting- sure, but there’s still an abundance of radio stations around the world that are giving their communities the latest news, music, talk shows, and more. With the power of the internet, we can now eavesdrop on even the most secluded (I found a signal on the Galapagos Islands) radio frequencies around the world and hear just what it is that they’re listening to. Might be a good way to check out what's going on in a region before travelling there- check it out! is an interactive radio frequency searching application that features a beautiful 3D geospatial map for easy (and familiar) global navigation. All the green dots on this globe represent radio frequencies, and you can zoom in/out for additional granularity. If you select the menu button (top left) you can see more options such as history, submit a radio station, and technologies used- which is helpful for those curious to know how this piece of software works. was designed by a developer by the name of Jonathan Puckey, based in Amsterdam, Netherlands. In addition to browsing the already listed stations, users have the ability to submit non-listed radio stations to the list, which tells me the platform isn’t monitored too often. That said, it’s a pretty cool way to hear what’s going on around the world. Here’s one of my favorite radio stations I’ve found (so far): Hott 107.5 FM in the Bermuda Triangle. Head over to the website and give it a try for yourself!

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