Set a goal and get peer feedback all in one platform

Set a goal and get peer feedback all in one platform

Accountability is important when it comes to setting smart goals, and there’s a goal setting platform that encourages accountability through peer feedback..

Whether you’re setting new year's resolutions or weekly forecasts at work, the biggest struggle with goal setting is accountability, especially if there are multiple goals in progress, simultaneously. SMART goals are a great way to set the right kinds of constraints, but without proper monitoring, even these well thought out goals can slip away, leaving you feeling behind and unaccomplished. Wouldn't it be nice if there was a platform that allows anonymous users to provide feedback to you and your goals, from which you can learn more about yourself and set new, better goals? In this Mod I’d like to show you a goal setting platform that is doing just that- allowing users to provide and receive anonymous feedback in order to help people set, track and achieve their goals. It’s called Truthiz.

What is Truthiz?

Truthiz is a web-based platform that allows users to provide/receive anonymous feedback from other users and then create their own goals based on the suggested areas of improvement. Anonymity in Truthiz is designed to encourage honest and genuine feedback, but this doesn’t mean the platform is allowing hate speech or other deconstructive criticisms to slide under the radar. Using the Civic verification system, Truthiz users must connect their phone number, email address and personal name on the backend of the platform at time of signup. This allows Truthiz to know more about you, while not revealing your information to community users.

The intent is to hold users accountable for the things they say on the backend, but remove any overt associations with their identity in the Truthiz community. This verification system also helps mitigate issues with fake accounts, cyberbullying and trolls, all of which can be detrimental to users who are actively using the platform for personal growth and development.

Set a goal and get peer feedback all in one platform

How does Truthiz peer feedback work?

As a member of Truthiz, you can create goals and deadlines for yourself, which can be set to public or private visibility. Then as you actively work towards your deadlines, you can adjust the percentage ‘reached’ of your goal, gradually working up to 100% achievement. Other users in the meantime are able to visit your profile and provide feedback based on the goals, deadlines, achievements, and timelines that they see. Once a feedback (anonymous) is submitted about you, you can view it and design a new goal that builds off of that feedback.

This is especially useful for discovering areas of improvement that you may have not previously known. It’s really a platform for accountability, which is important for all walks of life but especially for freelancers who are mostly self-managed. There is also a chat feature if you’d like to connect with a user about the feedback you provided to them.

As you continue to reach your goals and set new ones based on user feedback, you will earn points, which can be used to unlock rewards like discounts on brand partner products and services. Truthiz is also developing a self improvement portal, which will allow you to promote your goals and self improvement services through a marketplace-like environment. To learn more about Truthiz and stay up to date with what's coming next, head over to their website!

How do I start using Truthiz?

Truthiz relies on the Civic account verification system, which itself runs on the block chain. This login system requires all users to verify their identity, which removes the issues of fake/bot accounts. To start using Truthiz, you must download the Civic app and verify your identity with their platform. After successfully verifying yourself, you can visit the Truthiz website and select the ‘connect with Civic’ option, which will start you down the account verification path. Once your account is created, you’ll be able to sign in with just your email address and password moving forward.

As human beings, we don’t want to hurt other people's feelings. So instead, we end up giving feedback that might not be direct or specific enough to bring actual value to the recipient, which is in itself, a detriment to them. On the other hand, complete anonymity can result in hateful/thoughtless feedback that certainly doesn’t benefit anyone. Using Civic, Truthiz holds users accountable while preserving their anonymity to allow them to give feedback that can actually help the recipient achieve their goals and set new ones. On this type of platform, we can all give and receive feedback needed to grow.

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