5 Reasons Why Your Business Needs Video Messaging

5 Reasons Why Your Business Needs Video Messaging

Communication within a business setup is very vital because it is the backbone of the business..

The right communication channels should always be put in place to ensure the smooth running of all operations. Every business will have a communication platform they swear by, be it emails, messaging apps, or face-to-face meetings. But have you ever considered video messaging for your business?

What Exactly Is Video Messaging?

Video messaging is a form of communication that uses videos to pass on information. A person records a video with their message then sends the video to another person or a group of people. Anyone can use video messaging for personal reasons, educational purposes, or business functions.

What Are The Main Features Of A Video Messaging Platform

There are various video messaging platforms in the market. Whenever you are shopping around for a platform, you should go through its main features to ensure that it aligns with your needs. Here are some features of a great video messaging platform:

Free or Trial Period

A video messaging platform should offer a free or trial period to its users. This enables the user to test it out and see if it is the correct fit for their current needs. After the trial period, the user can decide whether to pay for a full subscription or not. Some reputable platforms like Vmaker offer their users free plans in addition to their paid plans. Unlike other tools, Vmaker free plan allows you to record any number of videos without restriction on the number of videos or recording limit. You can choose the free plan if you are an individual and still be able to access the video messaging features.

Easy to Use

A video messaging platform should be easy to use. You should be able to log into the platform and go straight to making your videos with no glitches or codes required. The platform should offer an easy interface that is simple to navigate for its users.

HD Video and Audio Quality

Quality is an essential factor when it comes to video messaging. You should be able to create quality videos and audio for the audience you are recording for. A poorly done video will not pass your message appropriately, and the viewer will be unable to understand the information you intended for them. A video messaging platform like Vmaker offers 4K video quality and the ability to filter background noise for clear audio. This great feature ensures that you record perfectly high-quality videos for your viewers.

Screen Sharing Capability

Screen sharing enables you to record and share what is happening on your screen. This is another important feature of video messaging platforms. You can easily share what you are doing on the screen, whether you are drawing, viewing graphs, pictures, or even having a webcam session.

Reasons Why Your Business Needs Video Messaging

Many businesses are thriving on video messaging, and yours should be thriving too. Here are 5 reasons why you should join the club and get video messaging for your business:

1. Efficient Form of Communication

Video messaging provides an efficient way of recording information while giving you the freedom to share everything you feel is relevant. You can make the content as engaging as you want and easily edit to your preferences before sharing. It is a great way of creating videos like 'how tos' and product demos that you can share with your team and clients. If you are an educator or content creator, you can use video messaging to store useful information which you can later share with your audience at your own pace.

2. Time-Saving

Video messaging is easy and spot-on, saving both the creator and the viewer time. Instead of spending time chatting back and forth about things or making calls and writing long emails, you can create a small, informative video. The video will contain all the information you would have otherwise wasted time explaining over and over, especially when dealing with many people.

3. Increases Productivity

Video messaging in your business will boost productivity. Whether your team works online or offline, video messaging cuts the need for organizing meetings. Planning and scheduling meetings can be inconvenient for most team members because not everyone will be free at the same time. Sending video messages will allow each team member to watch the videos at their own convenience. They can continue working on their different tasks and be more productive on time they would have used preparing for meetings.

4. Saves On Resources

Video messaging is an affordable method of communication for your business. You can easily install a free platform like Vmaker and begin video messaging right away. All that you require is your computer or laptop. One account is enough for all team members, making it a collaboration tool you cannot fail to have. Your team members can create unlimited videos and categorize them to make them easy to access for everyone. Video messaging will also save on travel expenses. Team members can simply log into the platform from wherever they are and use it without having to travel to a meeting venue.

5. Easy To Track

With video messaging, you can easily track your videos. If you send them to one person or several people, you are able to see if they have viewed your video. This ensures that no one will be coming up with excuses for not receiving that important video you send them.


Video messaging is a pivotal addition to your business. Whether you are a content creator, business owner, or educator, video messaging will come in handy in a lot of ways. You can easily record and store information to send whenever you need to. It is an efficient way of interacting with small teams and big groups of people. Vmaker's features are very user-friendly. You can record what is happening on your screen while still customizing the size of the screen that you want to share.

Try incorporating video messaging in your business today for better, fluent, and more in-depth communication. If you enjoyed this Mod, you might like to read more about these How to Create a Timeless Business Plan! Please consider sharing this Mod using the social links below.

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