An Easy Tool to Get Leads, Close Sales, and Retain Customers

An Easy Tool to Get Leads, Close Sales, and Retain Customers

Your business needs customers to make sales, but before that, it needs a powerful system for acquiring leads, closing deals and organizing customer information..

No matter what size of business you own or work for, getting more customers, closing sales, and organizing customer information in an organized manner is critical for your success. Businesses that sell thousands of goods and services have to stay on top of who they’re selling to, as well as how they are using that information to find new customers. An organized customer acquisition, development and retention model is an absolute necessity. Without one, your business will more than likely fail. Today I want to address how you can acquire more leads, close sales and retain customer information using the Tapdesk platform.

You need to research and find the right leads for your business

When it comes to finding the right customers for your business, precision is key. The traditional ‘spray and pray’ tactic for advertising just doesn’t cut it in today's business world. Infact, poorly directed outreach can result in detractive publicity for your business- social media has made it infinitely easier to call out a company for sloppy marketing strategies. If you’re a business owner, you need to have a clear understanding of who your customer is and how you can reach them directly. Tapdesk has a built-in, robust search engine for finding the highest quality leads for your business- individuals whose interests line up best your companies services. The amount of time saved by using the Tapdesk search engine to find potential customers is ground-breaking.

By providing four different ways to search, Tapdesk provides a massive number of ways to find customers and clients most relevant to your business. You can search for businesses and individuals, or simply enter a keyword for all related leads. You can specify the country for your leads, categorize them, include or exclude specific keywords, or limit to just a particular role or company. These filters ensure that the customers you end up with are the best fit for your business. There’s also a history feature, so you can pick up right where you left off on your search! In sales and outreach, timing is everything.

An Easy Tool to Get Leads, Close Sales, and Retain Customers

Your customer pipeline determines how often you close on sales

Walking each lead from acquisition to closing on a sale (a process commonly known as the pipeline) is a delicate process that involves carefully crafted verbiage and patience. Some customers need more hand holding and explanation than others, who might jump straight to the negotiation phase of the pipeline. Others might want to spend weeks shopping comparative options before making a decision. Because they all have different timelines, each customer must be taken care of individually, which can be a time consuming and bandwidth intensive challenge, especially as your lead count begins to increase. This is often the chokehold for businesses, as they are unable to keep up with each lead, resulting in dropped sales and a poor customer experience overall. Using an organized pipeline with Tapdesk will ensure your customers are taken care of in a timely manner.

The Tapdesk pipeline detail view is equipped with necessary features to manage leads from start to finish. Everything is customizable so you can style it however you like, and there are added features like note cards and ‘activities’, which could be scheduled events with your clients- for example meetings, conference calls, and more. You can learn more about the Tapdesk pipeline view on their website here.

Organized customer information is a gold mine for your business

There are many reasons why you want to track your customer information. You probably don't want to accidentally try selling to the same person twice, or maybe you want to know how (or even if) you should try pitching to a particular customer again? Not to mention you can use customer demographic information to find similar leads for more sales. While most customer information tool are meerly a variation of a spreadsheet, Tapdesk integrates your contact list directly into their platform. From here, you can easily attach contacts to existing pipelines, without any clunky importing or transferring steps. There’s also a handy option for importing contacts from other services (because they don’t always come to you in the same way) directly into Tapdesk.

An Easy Tool to Get Leads, Close Sales, and Retain Customers

Using the dashboard and analytic reports

Having an all-in-one platform for customer acquisition, pipeline management and information retention is the holy grail for any business who is actively acquiring leads and making sales. Tapdesk knows exactly what business owners need and offers an interactive dashboard where businesses can do things like create users (internal), set up teams (if you have different product initiatives, for example), integrate 3rd party apps, and more. There’s also a hefty analytics module where teams can track their campaign effectiveness and make changes sooner, rather than later.

Tapdesk offers a full support team, as well as several account level types that offer increasingly valuable features. Within these account types there are further breakdowns based on what your operation needs. You can check out and sign up for Tapdesk on their website!

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