How to Get More Movies on Netflix

How to Get More Movies on Netflix

Can’t find your favorite movie or TV show on Netflix? Here’s how you can request it..

Netflix is undoubtedly the dominating platform for streaming movies and TV shows on demand, providing users with rich and diverse genre selections. After finishing one series, finding another is as simple as swiping right. However, despite Netflix's massive success, there are many films and TV shows that simply aren’t available on the platform. No Harry Potter or Lord of the Rings? How dare they?! These omittances might very well be due to licensing restrictions or efforts to preserve infrastructure costs on AWS, however there needs to be a way to get more movies on Netflix. As it turns out, there is.

How to request more movies on Netflix

What many people don’t know, is that Netflix has a submission form on their website where you can suggest titles for them to add in upcoming updates. Netflix usually updates their content on a weekly basis, though sometimes you can find updates every other day- likely prioritized for trending films and shows that they want to push to viewers ASAP. The ‘Request TV Shows or Movies’ submission form requires no sign-in and has three title suggestion text fields, which can be submitted and refreshed for infinite suggestion opportunities.

Unfortunately, this is as far as the line goes, in terms of getting more movies on Netflix. Once a submission is sent in, it goes into the black box of Netflix for processing, where it might either get considered, discarded, or (possibly) never even seen. I’m sure Netflix considers adding a movie or TV show if it’s suggested multiple times my multiple people, as this could indicate trending interest from viewers. That said, I’ll bet the ultimate decision to escalate a title request from this form falls into the lap of several specific individuals- who will of course, have personal biases to them. Here’s a link to the title suggestion form on Netflix.

What are Netflix category codes?

There is another feature of Netflix that often goes unnoticed- though it won’t necessarily give you titles that are unavailable in the standard search, it can still help pin down the perfect movie for date night. It’s called Category Codes, and they’re exactly what they sound like- codes that, when searched for, will populate movies in a particular category. Some of these include 8985 (Martial Arts Movies), 2653 (Anime Action Movies), and 9875 (Crime Documentaries). More information about how to enter these codes (has to be on a computer) as well as othher, available codes can be found in this article.

Technology is all about putting the power in people's hands and the world of cinema is no exception. Netflix knows what it wants to show you, but it also wants to know what you want to watch. So if you can’t find that feature you’re looking for (I’m still bent out of shape about the lack of Harry Potter), head over to the Netflix movie and TV show suggestion form and let them know what’s good.

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