Watch Blocked YouTube Videos in Your Country

You should know there’s a lightweight version of YouTube that allows you to watch blocked videos in your country..

The internet never fails to provide unique solutions to the various restrictions that service providers set in place on their websites. If you’re trying to read an article online that requires membership sign up, you can skip it. If you’re tired of seeing YouTube ads, you can skip them without installing an ad-blocker. Now, there’s a way to watch YouTube videos regardless of any geographic or age restrictions, and you can achieve it with just a slight variation of the video URL.

How to watch a blocked YouTube video in your country

  • Open your video on YouTube
  • Replace "You" with "Hook" in your URL ( becomes
  • Press enter

It’s literally that easy. The power behind this trick comes from, a third-party software that seemingly embeds live YouTube videos onto a lightweight, restriction free version of the original YouTube page. When you watch a video with Hooktube, you’ll get redirected to their website which looks similar to the YouTube layout we’re used to, but it will be much more lightweight and simplified. Features like comments, related videos, etc are all loaded on-click as well, so the videos load much faster than on YouTube.

By watching a video through Hooktube, all restrictions (so far as we know) will be lifted, allowing for users to watch any video regardless of geo-location and age. I’ve tried it on a few videos and indeed have found that it works. While I’m not 100% sure if advertisements are removed through Hooktube, you can remove ads from videos using this other trick we discovered.

What’s more? Hooktube also gives you the ability to download the videos you watch! Below each video on the platform you’ll find a download button, which opens a pop-up window with download options. NOTE that the downloads are executed through third parties, so tread with caution!

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