Want To Send Your Name To Mars?

Space travel is the future of humanity and as it turns out, you can (sort of) start sending yourself into the great unknown today..

With the amount of innovation that companies like SpaceX, Blue Origin and NASA are putting into their space travel programs, it’s feasible to believe that space travel will become a moderately accessible opportunity in our lifetimes- whether for leisure or necessity. Though these pioneers of space travel are still several years from offering space travel to the public, they are already offering fun opportunities to get parts of you out into the great unknown.

Send your name to Mars

NASA has created a fun initiative for empowering all future space travellers to become a part of their next big rover mission scheduled for 2020 to the red planet of Mars. NASA is offering the chance for anyone to engrave their name on the physical parts of the rover itself, which will be hurdling towards the red planet in mid-2020. Of course you won’t be the one actually doing the engraving, NASA will. With 6200758 current signatures (at the time of this article being written), it really makes you think how long those interstellar, spaceport customs check-in lines will be one day!

Names will be engraved using nanotechnology, so you won’t be able to see your signature with the naked eye, but it’s a fun gesture nonetheless. To submit your name for engraving, just visit the NASA website. Deadline for adding your name to the list is September 30th, 2019.

After you submit your name, you get a fun “boarding pass” which displays your name, destination to/from, and some cheesy space themed imagery. Great for kids I suppose- I just think it’s neat to send my name into space. Maybe one day the rest of me will follow. :)

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