5 Benefits of Having a Vanity Phone Number for Your Business

5 Benefits of Having a Vanity Phone Number for Your Business

Research shows that 60% of customers like to engage businesses through phone calls. Other than that, most customers want to stay in touch with the company to feel assured that they reach out any time they need..

A phone number is one way to win over customers. They will easily dial the number and make an appointment or inquire about a product or service. However, most businesses still do not know about vanity phone numbers. Here is a complete guide on vanity phone numbers and the five benefits of having a vanity phone number for your business.

What’s A Vanity Phone Number?

A vanity phone number is a number that allows you to spell out a message. Thus, you will communicate with your target market through the number alone. For instance, brands use numbers with a special meaning or even spell out the brand name for the customers. An example of a vanity phone number is 1-833- COFFEE for a coffee shop business. While the end term is in words, the letters speak about the brand. Some numbers are simple number sequences that are hard to forget or mix up. An example is 1-833-123-8000.

Notably, vanity phone numbers are in no way like traditional phone numbers. They can be longer than usual phone numbers. Ideally, most vanity numbers are short. Additionally, businesses can choose to work with area code phone numbers or opt for the 123 number. Most business owners argue that they do not need vanity phone numbers since the business is only starting. However, knowing more about vanity phone numbers can help you decide whether it is a good move for your business. Vanity phone numbers are applicable for all types of business entities.

How Do You Get a Vanity Phone Number?

Obtaining a vanity phone number is easy. Consider some things when getting a vanity phone number. Additionally, have a clear plan that will aid in creating the number you need for your brand. Choose an experienced phone service provider whom you can trust with the process. For example, Guava Numbers have been serving clients by offering vanity service numbers.

Business owners can get their vanity phone numbers processed right away. The process is easy and fast, and you even get to choose your number from a pool of the available phone numbers. Utilize great features that allow you to manage your subscription from your mobile phone. You can also use the second phone number on your phone. Most service providers do not require lengthy processes to get started. Once you set up your account by entering your details, you can generate a keyword of choice and use it for your vanity phone number.

Benefits of Having a Vanity Phone Number for Your Business

There are perks to having a vanity phone number for your business. Even though some people say that it is not an option for them, here are five reasons to consider getting a vanity phone number for your business.

1. Brand Awareness

Creating a unique phone number that spells out your offer brings people closer to your brand. A number like 123-GET- FOOD clearly states what the business is all about. Branding is all about making your business stand out from the rest. A simple phone number can help you bring in more customers to your business. When customers interact with your website and phone number, they will have a better experience if your business has a branded number. It can easily convince them what your brand stands for and your values. For instance, 1-833-SAVE-KIDS already says what this brand does for children. Most non-profits use the power of vanity numbers to draw people towards their purpose and goals. With an unforgettable number like 1-833-donate, anyone will not think twice about calling and making a donation.

2. Memorable

There is no doubt that vanity phone numbers are memorable. They have easy-to-remember sequences. It is easier to recall words rather than numbers. Therefore, adding a word makes it even better to recall a number. Easy sequences are becoming popular with businesses that want their customers to reach out often. You can even recall a random number you have seen on an advert somewhere even though you have never used the brand or dialed the number.

3. Increase Call Rates and Sales

If your customer can recall the number, they can call at any time to make an inquiry or order something. Vanity phone numbers grow the call rates. If you have an easy recall of the number, most people will call when in need. When the need arises, there is no time for people to go online or through directories to find your business number. They will reach out to the first person who offers a service they desperately need, and they have the number. A vanity number grows calls and drives sales.

4. They Are Professional

Creating a vanity phone number for your business makes your business professional. The number stands out, and people will respect it as a part of your dedication to serving them. A vanity number shows commitment to the customer’s welfare. Vanity numbers are toll-free, and you can incorporate them with most VoIP service providers. You want your customers to call you without having to worry about hefty charges or poor connections. Therefore, a vanity phone number offers technological flexibility, which is vital to growing a business.

5. Shows Your Business Is Well Established

Most people know that vanity phone numbers are only for well-established businesses. If you are looking to make your business more credible, get a vanity number. Most big brands like FedEx showcase their vanity phone number on adverts, so every entity wants to match up. A number can create a lasting image for a business. Whether a business is big or small, a catchy number makes all the difference. People have an easier time trusting businesses with such phone numbers.


Vanity phone numbers give your business the credibility it needs to grow. You want to increase calls and sales as well as conquer the market, which is why contacting a vanity phone number provider is an important step to take.

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