5 Strategies to Grow Your Twitter Account, Faster

5 Strategies to Grow Your Twitter Account, Faster

Social media use is evolving tremendously, and new platforms are popping up every fortnight..

Twitter however, has been around since 2006 before all the social media craze began. The first tweets were all about big events happening at the time of the launch. Though such tweets are still around over a decade later, Twitter has spurned into a huge social media platform for individuals and businesses at large.

Twitter is a magic wand for business. According to statistics, as of 2021, Twitter has a monetizable 199 million daily active users. Not only that, 500 million tweets are being sent each day. With such big numbers, it would be a huge loss not to have a business Twitter account.

How to Manage a Twitter Account

When you open a Twitter account for your business, it's vital to know how you will manage it. You want to get the most of it, but how? How will you capitalize on Twitter's big numbers? Let's find out.

Know Your Follower Demographics

Knowing your followers is very important. Make a point of knowing who is following you, their age, gender, location, interests, careers, lifestyles, and maybe what time they wake up. Having a good idea of who your followers are will let you know the most interested people in what you offer and how you can best communicate with them.

Be Consistent

Just like in your day to day business activities, you should be consistent with your Twitter business account. Consistency will increase your followers, keep them coming back for more, and keep you up to date with what's happening. If you are only active every other day or week, you will most definitely realize that you are losing followers, your tweets are getting no recognition, and you will not get many leads from the account.

Observe Your Engagement

Engagement means a lot when it comes to social media. This interaction will show you what you are doing right, what you are doing wrong, what you should change or stop doing altogether. On Twitter, look out for which of your hashtags are being used, which tweet got the most reactions, and whether your follower count increases or decreases. They say the more, the merrier. However, it is pointless to have 100,000 followers while getting 5 likes on a tweet, but more meaningful to have 1,000 followers with 500 retweets. Always aim for more engagement compared to numbers. It is easy to track your engagement with tools like Makezu. You are able to monitor your account, including tracking all clicks. They even have a 14-day free trial just for you.

Strategies to Grow Your Twitter Account Faster

If you just opened a new Twitter account for your business or you are thinking of opening one, here are 5 strategies you can use to grow the account:

1. Profile Details

People will interact with your profile whenever they visit your Twitter account. Make it worth their while. Use clear quality pictures for both your profile and header. Good images you can use are your logo for the profile and a team picture for your header. You can also use a picture of your products. Just ensure that the image is relevant to your business, and people can easily identify you with it.

When it comes to your bio, make it pop. You want something catchy and memorable. Your brand's tagline can also do. Include your website's landing page as the URL. Whenever you have campaigns or launches, use the campaign landing page as the URL but remember to change it after the campaign is over. Lastly, you can include a physical location for your business. This makes people feel you as a real tangible business with an actual address. If you have several locations, use your main headquarters for this.

2. Content Planning

Content is king, and it can make or break your Twitter business account. Have a content strategy and plan your content beforehand. Write down ideas and be prepared with tweets for important dates like Mother's Day or Christmas. Avoid filling up your feed with promotional content only. This will only annoy your followers, making them unfollow you. Mix everything up to keep it interesting. Tweet about current events, personal stories, motivational quotes, and insights from professionals in your field. Having a mixture of captivating content will gain you new followers and boost engagement on your tweets.

3. Automation

Automation is essential for productivity, and it will help you save a lot of time. Using tools like Makezu (mentioned earlier), you can create automation for your Twitter account within as little as 10 minutes. With automation, you can tweet and thread scheduling, including manual retweets and likes, automated follow backs, and even customized direct messages sent to followers. You can easily plan everything in advance while automating your account for the times when your followers are most active.

4. Listen to Your Followers

As much as automation will be your right-hand man on social media, don't forget to interact with your followers. Set some time to talk to them directly, reply to their questions, and listen to their complaints. Remember, the customer is always right. If one customer begins a negative thread about your business, you have to be there to defend yourself. Pay attention to your follower's interests and learn what you can improve on. Also, jump on the trending tweets and give your opinions. Create a hashtag for your brand and use it constantly to bring attention. Check out what your competitor is doing and outshine them.

5. Use Images

Tweets have a limit of 280 characters, and there is not enough you can say within this set limit. Use other avenues to pass your brand's message across. Pictures, memes, GIFs, charts, graphs, and videos are all highly informative avenues you can use. Capitalize on their power and deliver your message to your followers. Always remember to optimize them for mobile users because many Twitter users will be viewing them on mobile.


Having a Twitter account for your business and getting brand recognition is simple when you get the hang of it. You can use efficient tools like Makezu that can help with lead generation and conversion, which in turn will bring you revenue. This marketing tool will enable you to target qualified potential clients whenever they mention a need for your service or products. Give it a go and watch your Twitter account engagement only grow from there. If you enjoyed this Mod, you might like to read more about these 5 Tips for Finding the Best Influencers for Your Brand! Please consider sharing this Mod using the social links below.

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