5 Trends to Watch for in your Social Media Marketing Analytics

5 Trends to Watch for in your Social Media Marketing Analytics

The factors that are used to check business performance have changed a lot..

Social media has emerged as the strongest marketing platform and productivity analysis parameter. By looking at the marketing analytics on Facebook, Twitter and other similar platforms, it can be determined whether a business is running successfully or not. A lot depends on the mindset that companies imply. You need to use some key tools to achieve high performance levels, and the trends that businesses have to follow, surely depend on them.

Grammar Checking Tools are Important

Quality content does not have any substitute. People use it to rate a company and decide whether they would purchase its products or not. Why is a grammar checker so important? Consider that you are a user who visits a brand website. On reading the content, you figure out that it has typos. This is a basic requirement which reputed brands are responsible for fulfilling. Manual proofreading is not good enough since errors can go undetected. It is hard to get a good traffic count if the content on your social media page or website has grammatical problems.

The use of a grammar checker tool is quite pivotal in this case. The tool reads the content and highlights the mistakes that writers have made. Even the smartest writers can make grammatical issues, so proper automated checking has to be done. In a nutshell, the use of grammar checking software can impact a lot of social media trends that your business is involved in, including the following:

1. Improved traffic rate

Everything depends on the number of people who make purchases after visiting your social media page. The first thing that they go through is your written material. Even before they see whether it is brand related or not, the quality of your content is scanned. Low quality content is the prime reason for the rate of traffic going down. Here, you need to understand that traffic rate is not the same as bounce rate. Brands with grammatically incorrect social media content have high bounce rates. This means that people do click the link but do not spend sufficient time on the webpage. This means that there is lack of consistency.

Example: Suppose that a new clothing line has launched a Facebook page. High quality product pictures have been added but text content has grammatical mistakes. A serious buyer would never ignore this aspect. If he sees that information has been published without proofreading, he would have doubts on the professionalism of the brand. In such cases, people deviate away and start considering alternate brands. The rate of traffic will improve if the content has been proofread efficiently by using a proper grammar checker.

2. Effect on niche marketing

A social media trend that is expected to rise in terms of business growth is called niche marketing. These days, people look for specialists. If you want to buy a pair of leather shoes, you would approach a company that specifically deals in them. Niche marketing strategies can only be successful if you have quality content to back it. In other words, if a product description on your Facebook page has typos, you can be sure that a lot of people would not consider you.

To market a product of a specific niche, you need to revamp the social media content from time to time. Do not expect people to get attracted if you are making only one post per week. You need to keep audiences interested, and this becomes possible by adding fresh material, consistently. Again, nothing should be made available without end-to-end proofreading. Considering the fact that social media content has to be updated at a fast pace, manual proofreading is simply out of the question. Reputed brands use quality grammar checkers to ensure that their content is free of errors.

Reverse Image Search Tool

There is a difference between using images and using images in a legitimate manner. A lot of brands copy images and get involved in copyright infringement. Google has strict and no-tolerance procedures in this case. Thus, the SEO rank of the social media channels goes down within no time, if copyright infringement occurs. Using a proper reverse image search tool proves to be amazingly helpful. It helps you locate the actual source of an image and offers credit to the actual author. Also, you can access related pictures which are hard to find through direct searching.

For example, locating a picture of a well-known singer is not a problem. However, finding images of what he wore for his birthday can be challenging. Through reverse image search, you can get a hold of all related pictures. This helps in improving the impact of social media pages and makes them more interactive for followers.

Here are some trends that a reverse-image tool can help with:

3. More interactive user stories

Gone are the days when people used to retain their interest in text-based content only. These days, people don’t have the time. When it comes to social media content, user stories make the strongest impact. In other words, you need to use a combination of images and text. Let us go through an example to see why these stories make an impact:

Suppose that you want to buy a smart television. What would be the first thing that would come to your mind? You would be inquisitive about how a particular model looks like, probably. Without visual content, reading through features will not fascinate you in any way. Through user stories and reviews, readers are offered a combination of text content and pictures. It develops a good flow and people do not lose interest. If simple content is offered, no one would read more than few lines. As a result, your social media strategy could turn into a complete failure.

Creating a user story does not mean picking a random bulk of pictures and blending them with text. This is the biggest blunder that any social media marketer can make. To start with, use original images. Secondly, use related pictures that increase clarity instead of confusing the buyer. Through reverse image search, you can get hold of all related pictures in a short while. Hence, it becomes unbelievably easy to create diverse content and attract the buyer. In a nutshell, reverse image search helps you create fresh, social media user stories.

Direct Image Search through Instagram

Many buyers are not interested in reading product information. For them, the appearance of the product matters a lot. Brands that have well equipped Instagram accounts are expected to excel in the coming years. The reason being that the trend of direct image searching will rise.

Consider that you want to buy a T-shirt launched by a well-known brand. Why would you want to go through the percentage of cotton included in the material? These days, people like making multiple purchases in the shortest possible times span. For them, the only important factor is how the product looks. Brands that wish to excel in the coming time would have to make their Instagram pages more impactful. This means adding more, fresh, related images. Using reverse image search helps in meeting this requirement because you can get hold of all possible snapshots falling in a certain category.

In recent times, certain brands have faced losses because they did not have enough visual content to offer. Beefing up Instagram with new pictures every now and then will increase visits and subsequent clicks.

Plagiarism Checker

For any brand, publishing copied content on its social media page is suicidal. The first damage will be a permanently low rank. Secondly, people would stop trusting the information available on social media channels. There is nothing negative about using already written content to get an idea, but copying it is not permitted. To ensure that you are delivering original material, use a plagiarism checker so that an assurance is attained.

Content creativity will still hold the same importance

There is no doubt that the importance of visual-based social media content will continue to rise. To really hone your strategy, you need to get a feel of the psychology that buyers have. They decide about buying a product if they have not gone through the related material beforehand. This simply means that what you write should be unique and compiled with an “out of the box” approach. A good plagiarism checker makes it easy to produce unique content regularly, without putting in a lot of effort.

Summing it Up

Social media trends have had a major impact on business results and brand performance in the past. In the future as well, the aspect of social trends will continue to have increasing importance. The key is that brands should develop a marketing strategy that abides by these trends. To accomplish this milestone, brands should know which tools to use and how to make things simpler. For instance, a good grammar checker can improve the count of users who visit daily. Traffic rate has been a strong social media metric in the past and in the future as well, it will be utilized to check brand progress.

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