7 Apps to Make Friends While Staying at Home on Holidays

7 Apps to Make Friends While Staying at Home on Holidays

There are several reasons to move out of a place into another..

It could be that you are just starting a new phase in your life (which is essential). In this case, you should know that your transition and adaptation into your new environment will be much easier when you have personal connections with other people (especially those within that vicinity you just moved into). It is quite evident that your friends and families are more spread out. It is also possible that you lived with your family and had your friends around you in your previous location, but you decided to move out and start a new phase in your life, or you are moving out for career reason, and now you are lonely, in no man’s land.

As it turns out, there is a solution to that problem- in social apps. You can download a social app, and in no time, you are meeting new people and making new friends. Several best essay apps are geared towards helping people make new friends. With these apps, you can target a particular lifestyle interest or demographic, so that you can easily find people on the same wavelength as you. By doing so, you already have several topics to discuss, and it is easy to forge strong bonds. The good thing about these apps is that you don’t need to go out to meet these new people in real life. You can stay right there in your house and connect with them.

It does not matter if you are looking for a new set of friends in your vicinity or you want to expand your circle of friends, there are different apps that you can download and use to find friends from the comfort of your home. This article from one of the authors at assignment writing services talks about seven apps that you can download to make friends while staying at home.

1. Nextdoor

Being the new neighbor in the neighborhood is not always an easy thing. With the Nextdoor app from GH Media and Tech, you have an essential social app, more like a social network that is private and exclusive to a particular neighborhood. This app makes it easy to relate to your new neighbors while at your house. You can easily ask for their recommendations on things to buy and where to buy them, to live comfortably in the neighborhood. You can also get local news, while scoring quality household items. Most importantly, you can also form new friendships and relationships with people living around you in a very organic manner.

The fact that the Nextdoor app is location-based means that you will very quickly meet up with the people you meet on the app in real life, and you can get to know each other better while discovering commonalities as well.

2. Eatwith

With this app, Eatwith, you have the chance to meet up with people that have the same food taste as yours and eat out with them. For example if you just moved out to a new location and are having difficulty finding the best restaurant that offers your preference of food, or you are too shy to go and eat your favorite meal alone. Eatwith makes it easy for you to find people with the same passion for food, in your locality.

The app is a food-centered community that focuses on meeting locals and sharing your food experience with them in that location. This is one way to make friends with a shared passion. But in this case, the passion is food. It is effortless to use this app. All you need to do is download the app, choose the location or city you’re at and see the available food experience there, while meeting locals ready to share the experience with you. It is also possible that you find several events that you can join. Just select an occasion when you find one that appeals to you on the app, get the date, and book a seat. You can also meet people at this event and make friends!

3. Meetup

Once you move out to a new location and look to make new friends, your best bet is to start by looking for people who share the same ideas and interests with you. If this is the case for you, then the right app for you to start with Meetup. This app helps people that share the same hobbies and passion connect with each other.

It does not matter your passion or interest, whether it is learning a new language or marathon training or just conversations about philosophy. This app is the right one to help you meet such people in a new environment. Meetup is even more effective when you are in the big cities such as Tokyo, London, and Berlin. This opens you up entirely to a new set of people with the same ideas as you. You may meet up with different people every day of the week.

No matter what you are looking for, you will find people that resonate with similar interests as you. Just ensure that you read and understand the group description of whatever group you are joining. You could be required to pay a fee, bring an item, or know some other things before joining. Whatever the case is, have fun and make new friends.

4. Hey! Vina

Hey! Vina is an exciting app for ladies. There is a reason why people call it “Tinder for (female) friends.” It is a social app that allows you to meet new people and make friends by simply swiping to the right. With this app, it is also possible that you join a group or community of people that share the same kind of interests.

Hey! Vina, not only connected you to new people, but it also allows you to take quizzes if you want to, and read some of the best articles. According to the founders Jen Aprahamian and Olivia June, the app was created to help with women empowerment, those that recently moved into a new location, or women who love traveling, etc. This will ensure that they can meet new people and make new friends easily within their community, so they are not lonely.

5. Peanut

We all know how difficult it is to be a mom. Taking care of the kid(s) as a mom is undoubtedly one of the most challenging things to do globally, especially for people combining it with other daily activities and jobs. Sometimes, it is easy to become isolated from the real world while trying to fulfill your motherly duties.

But Peanut, as an app, has the goal of connecting moms that have been isolated from the real world. Like many similar apps, it uses the swipe right, swipe left model, and brings matches or suggestions based on individual values, interests, and the children’s age. So, it is easy to meet another mother with a child(ren) about the same age as yours and connect with them. This app also has a forum where the moms can pose their questions and share their knowledge.

6. Friender

Looking for friends in a new location means that you are looking for someone or people to share your favorite activities with. The good thing is, you don’t have to force people to do things or activities that do not interest them, not with an app like Friender.

When you are creating your profile on the Friender app, you have the opportunity to choose some of your favorite activities from a list with about 130 different activities. Once you have selected your favorite activities, the Friender app will look for people with activities that match yours and suggest them to you. At the very least, you will get someone that shares at least one activity with you, so you both have a common ground to kickstart your friendship. From there, both of you can meet up to discuss and try out your favorite activities together, be it rock climbing, surfing, etc.

7. BarkHappy

BarkHappy should undoubtedly be one of your favorite apps if you are a dog lover. When you move out to a new place, you might not be able to carry your friends and family along, but your dog would always go with you and be your companion. So, while you are busy looking up people with similar interests in your area to be friends with, you need to look up new friends for your dog too.

With BarkHappy, you have a location-based app that will help you find and connect with other dogs or dog owners around you. In this case, it is not just you that is meeting someone new and making friends; your dog is as well. You can also check out the app’s map for businesses and dog-friendly events that you can go to with your dog.


It is not always easy for you to move out to a new location (for whatever reason), and while you are unable to come along with your friends, you must make new friends to aid your adaptation into your new environment. With these 7 social apps, you can meet new people that share your interests with ease, and make new friends!

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