Explore your first virtual reality game casino, built on the blockchain

Explore your first virtual reality game casino, built on the blockchain

The dawn of virtual reality is closer than you think, and games are just the beginning..

We’ve all heard of the fantasy that is virtual reality. The ability to put on a headset and be transported to another world. Today, companies like Decentral Games are hard at work to usher in a common era of virtual reality experience. Reality based-technology has certainly come a long way in the past few years, today offering a variety of augmented reality tools that enhance your shopping endeavors (Ikea Place, Amazon Place, etc) as well as for entertainment purposes, right on your smartphone Google web results page.

While most of the virtual reality use cases are game focused, Decentral Games is shifting its attention to newer applications of VR tech, and marrying it with the technology that has earned cryptocurrency its notability- blockchain. Much more than I’ll get into in this piece, you can learn more about blockchain and how it works in this article. Today, I want to share Decentral Games latest and most exciting endeavor- the Tominoya Casino, a virtual reality casino where players can not only play a variety of modern casino games (in virtual reality), but actually purchase plots within the casino, to host their own games. Let’s dive in!

What is Decentraland?

The Tominoya Casino sits at the coordinates [-120, 135], within the expansive world of Decentraland, a decentralized, virtual reality platform that can be explored by users. The traversable, 3D space within Decentraland is called LAND, which is further divided into Parcels, that are identified by cartesian coordinates (x,y). Much like property in our physical world, these parcels of LAND can be purchased and owned. Purchases are made using the Decentraland currency- MANA. I won’t go into too much more detail about Decentraland in this article, but if you want to learn more, check out their website getting started page.

These parcels of LAND within Decentraland are further categorized (at the LAND owners discretion) into Districts- which help group together users of similar interests. The Tominoya Casino is situated in the most fitting district in all of Decentraland- Vegas City.

Explore your first virtual reality game casino, built on the blockchain

The Tominoya Casino NFT Sale

In April of 2020, Decentral Games announced the placement of their Tominoya Casino, a 52 LAND parcel virtual casino where players can participate in a variety of popular games like Roulette, slot machines, and more. Unlike our real world casinos that accept physical money, the Tominoya Casino operates on the Decentraland currency- MANA. Yes, this is very much like a secret poker club, but is accessible by anyone who has interest in participating! You can actually take a tour of the Tominnoya Casino right from your browser, here.

Today, parcels (sections of LAND) within the Tominoya Casino are available for purchase (there are 40 of them, NFTs, total), and each virtual wallet that has ownership in parcels, earns a passive, monthly rent payment (paid in MANA), based on the game volume from that parcel. Basically, people who own parcels within the Tominoya Casino and have members playing games within said parcels, earn passive income that scales with the volume of players. How’s that for remote employment?

These NFTs (Parcels) within the Tominoya Casino are purchased using ETH (Ethereum), which is a much more commonly known cryptocurrency, and can be purchased on the OpenSea platform. Decentral Games is planning several launch events and competitions, which will be announced on their Discord, along with other, future announcements.

What's the value returned on owning NFTs in Tominoya Casino?

Virtual reality is an inevitable future, and companies like Decentral Games are taking leaps and bounds towards realizing its potential. Owning NFTs in the Tominoya Casino can lead to long term, passive income, as well as an unbelievable amount of clout (I can’t believe I said that). As we exhaust all of our resources in the physical world, more and more players will be joining virtual worlds like Decentraland, and the rat race will shortly follow. Remember when people thought it would be impossible to work from home? As the kids say.. Get into it!

As Decentraland grows in population and users, there will become increasing value in LAND ownership. For companies that are looking to enter the VR space, Decentraland allows both static 3D renderings and interactive applications or games. Imagine your company/product/service, explorable and executable in a virtual reality landscape. The idea is lightyears ahead, but can already be realized today.

To learn more about the Tominoya Casino and Decentraland, check out their press release. You can also learn more about Decentraland, here.

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