How to Purchase a Hashtag Domain on the Blockchain

How to Purchase a Hashtag Domain on the Blockchain

For more than a decade now, cryptocurrency has been on the rise in the investment and technology worlds..

These decentralized digital currencies operate on blockchain technology. Blockchains stores all the data and ledger transactions across a peer-to-peer network. With new developments in this sector, users are getting blockchain domains. These are essentially smart contracts on a public blockchain. This system is now evolving with the entry of hashtag domains. This revolutionary domain name service has unique features over the traditional domain system, but how do you purchase a hashtag domain? Let's dive into that.

What Is a Hashtag Domain?

A hashtag domain is an improvement over the popular .com service on the internet. This new system does not follow the standard protocol of using HTTP. Instead, the system uses the world's most popular symbol, the hashtag, as a means to access the internet. As a new company or individual interested in cryptocurrencies, you may have an issue finding an unregistered domain name. Hashtag domain solves this problem by giving you more options.

When working with a blockchain, you can buy your unique #domain from Hashtag Space who has a Decentralized Domain Name Service in the form of #HastagDomains. This decentralized application operates under its browser, #MetaGate, a component of the #MetaHash blockchain system.

These hashtag domains are held on public accessible blockchains, allowing for transparency. Each user has the right to update their domain name as they operate in a decentralized internet that is censorship-free. Purchasing a hashtag domain also allows users to benefit when it comes to sharing crypto.

How to Purchase a Hashtag Domain on the Blockchain

Buying a hashtag domain is pretty straightforward. Your domain directs you to your website URL, just like the traditional domains. The only difference is that you don't use the standard HTTP protocol.

1. Registration

As an active user in the cryptocurrency and blockchain space, you can register your hashtag domain and add your website URL on Hashtag Space. Your website will be instantly accessible on decentralized internet space. On the #HashtagSpace, pick a unique name and perform a search on the homepage to check for availability. The name should have a minimum of 3 characters with no special characters. You will need to sign up with an email address and password to proceed.

2. Make a Payment

Once you get an available hashtag domain, you can add it to your cart and make a payment. To fully own the domain name, you need to pay $24.95 per year for each. You can pay for the hashtag domain either via PayPal or using #MetaHashCoin.

As a decentralized application on the #MetaHash blockchain, Hashtag Space allows users to pay for the domain using #MetaHashCoin at a 33% discount. You can use this mode of payment for the initial cost and future renewals. This financial model allows for instant and reliable transactions.

3. You Own the Hashtag Domain!

After making a payment, you own the hashtag domain, which is directly linked to your website. You can make a domain resell if you have a popular hashtag. Just like .com domains, companies and individuals purchase high-demand hashtag domains in the blockchain business. You can set your price for this vital digital asset. Also note- making a resell on Hashtag Space will cost you 5% on the transaction fee.

Benefits of Purchasing a Hashtag Domain on the Blockchain

In the new internet age, the hashtag has become extremely popular on major social media platforms. Adopting the same strategy in the blockchain and cryptocurrency space is a revolutionary step in technology. Let's take a look at some of the benefits you enjoy when you purchase your hashtag domain with Hashtag Space.

1. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Once you purchase your domain, you receive five free keywords. This SEO service boosts the visibility of your existing domain. If you need to get more keywords, you can purchase up to 50 keywords on the platform to improve your rankings. For the extra terms, you pay $1 per year for each.

2. No Censorship

Hashtag Space operates on the #MetaGate Browser, a decentralized internet system free of censorship. This unstoppable domain system keeps your platform safe, unlike the standard centralized websites. If your website is blocked, users can still access it by following the hashtag.

3. Easy Registration and Use

.com domains are often tough to find, especially for new users. Most of them have been taken up by companies and individuals. Using the widely recognized symbol, the # makes it more straightforward for users to access.

4. Cryptocurrency Wallet

The global investment world is rapidly moving towards the new age of digital currencies. Purchasing hashtag domains has been made easier by cryptocurrencies. When making transactions to buy a domain, renewing, or making a resell, you can use crypto wallets on the blockchain to make payments. With a hashtag domain, you can assign a domain to your wallet, making the process much quicker.

5. Use in Several Browsers

This domain mainly resolves on the #HashtagSpace and #MetaGate browsers. However, with a browser plugin, users can install it on Firefox, IE, or Chrome. This makes it accessible to tons of people in the crypto space.

6. No Limits on the Hashtag

Users can still access your hashtag even with a combination of capital and lowercase letters. The browser makes a modification that matches your exact registration. Your hashtag becomes readily accessible to users on the blockchain.

7. Trademarks Availability

Once you register and buy your hashtag domain, you can trademark it to avoid use by other people. Keep in mind you must have proof of ownership to claim a registered hashtag from another individual.

Take Away

Purchasing a hashtag domain on the blockchain is a straightforward process. The rise in digital currency use has significantly contributed to this level of innovation in the cryptocurrency space. Hashtag domain providers such as Hashtag Space are at the forefront in revolutionizing how domains are used in the decentralized web.

Operating under the #MetaGate program, they provide users with a platform where they can operate without censorship. If you enjoyed this Mod, you might like to read more about these How Small Businesses Benefit from Cryptocurrency! Please consider sharing this Mod using the social links below.

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