Technologies and digital tools that can boost your confidence

Technologies and digital tools that can boost your confidence

More often than not, we hear people complain about the overabundance of tech in their lives..

Some of that blame is based on technology disconnecting us from people, instead of helping us get closer with those we love. Although there can be such a thing as taking too many foodie photos instead of enjoying your meal with your date, you can definitely put your tech and digital gadgets to better use, by using them to boost your feeling of self-confidence! In fact, relying on tech as a go-to for confidence-boosting tricks, paired with more traditional strategies, can help you feel even better in your own skin, and savor every second of every day.

Without further ado, let’s deconstruct the notion of enhancing self-confidence through tech-driven solutions paired with your more traditional options, so that you can take your pick and give yourself the self-esteem nudge you need.

Tend to your skin care and get digital suggestions

One segment of self care that often suffers when we’re busy, revolves around taking the right precautions to protect your skin from environmental damage, pollution, and stress. It might not be on top of your list of priorities, but if you take a moment to improve your skin care, you’ll also improve your chances to feel better about yourself.

You can look at this twofold: as a traditional approach to boosting self-confidence and ensuring growth, as well as one that is tech-driven, if need be. If you’re having trouble picking the right products for your skin, apps such as mySkin can help you make the right decision, but you can also rely on tools such as an eye massager to reduce eye bags and puffiness.

Update your wardrobe online to boost your self-confidence

Sometimes, a little can indeed go a long way. Turning to traditional means of boosting self- esteem through refining your style can be of great help and simple to do. We always hear people telling us to “dress for the job we want, not the job we have”, and if you’re about to ask for a promotion, go to a job interview, or kick-start your own business, you should definitely use your appearance to leave the right impression. However, you might not feel like leaving your house just yet. Enter: online shopping, which now lets you enhance your confidence without feeling insecure about trying out new things in public.

In addition to wearing neat, tailored garments that go with your desired career, you should definitely add a personal touch to your attire. For example, you can look for minimalist watches in different shades of pastels or pure black that will become your go-to accessories to showcase punctuality, professionalism, and reliability. Not to mention that a timepiece is both a functional and fashionable statement accessory that will help you feel more confident for that upcoming meeting, no matter the dress code – because it goes perfectly with everything.

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Add to that, many e-commerce stores now use AR and VR to amplify the digital shopping experience and enable their customers to visualize how they’d look in an article of clothing they want to buy. Dedicated phone apps from world-famous brands also allow you to try out their products, shop, and enjoy a more interactive shopping experience altogether.

Get mindful with meditation apps

Most people struggle with regrets, fears, and various forms of anxiety. Whether you constantly think about the problem that is about to ensue or you spend your time going back to the past, chances are that you’re not really enjoying the present – which is why mindful meditation is perhaps one of the best ways to change that.

Try using apps such as Headspace, that provide guided meditation sessions, sounds from nature, and collections of sleep-improving playlists. All of these apps aim to help you ground yourself better and truly carpe that diem by being more present, calmer, and less anxious.

Utilize the power of affirmation technology

For some, affirmations may seem to be a fancy word for spiritual mumbo jumbo, but when put to proper use, these positive statements and goal-oriented declarations are actually very powerful tools for molding your mindset. Better yet, why not combine the undeniable benefits of affirmations with the convenience of apps that deliver them to you every day?

Using an affirmation app can help you relieve your stress temporarily, but it can also help you change how you perceive yourself, shift your point of view to see setbacks as challenges, and view changes as opportunities. The Louise Hay affirmation app is a great example, since this incredible woman created an entire movement meant to empower people to take charge and feel amazing in doing so.

Knowledge at your fingertips

Confidence is not all about looks, as we’ve seen from some of the most popular meditation apps. However, you can amplify that feeling of inner joy and value when you continue to enrich your knowledge and skills with the help of tech. Much like shopping, you can easily find online courses and attend the classes of some of the most prestigious universities in the world, without ever leaving your home. Plus, we’ve all Googled terms we’re not familiar with, which means that the world’s greatest knowledge library is genuinely at your fingertips – or your voice command, if you rely on an AI-based voice assistant.

Live-streaming videos, YouTube channels for curious minds, and entire websites dedicated to learning are all becoming more popular among people who want to expand their knowledge and skills. Just like your calm mind, your well-defined look, and your self-care help you feel better about yourself, growing smarter and better informed helps you enhance your confidence, too.

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